Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Today is "Little Christmas"

That means I can officially take down my Christmas STUFF.... but I hate to..... last year the lights were on my banister all year (I think it was truly an accident). My tree had to come down last weekend.... fire hazard - but kept up the rest.... outside lights will stay on through the weekend..... it's sort of depressing to take down the pretty lights - thank God for my candles though - they are ALWAYS on! Next holiday is Valentines Day.... already have a few things ready to put out.... just can't help myself - I DO LOVE holidays! OH ya.... tomorrow, 1/7 is Phil's Bday...always extends the "holiday" season for me... another reason to celebrate and be able to "wrap a gift".... (just something small this year...he is happy with a small gift....always - just a great guy)

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preppyplayer said...

I am about to take down mine as well, I always wait until the 6th. This year our tree is soo fresh that i can't bear to take it down!

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