Saturday, January 31, 2009

SATURDAYS...SINATRA...and cleaning!

Some of my most "vivid" memories of growing up were those frequent "Saturdays Cleaning" with Mom and my sisters.... we didn't DARE think of a reason to get out of it.... and mind you, this was on top of the daily chores when coming home from school, one of which was "pealing the potatoes" EVERY SINGLE DAY.... dinner to my Irish Dad was not dinner with out "spuds"... Pizza was NOT food in our house. Potatoes were such a "staple" food that one Halloween when we ran out of candy... my father started giving out potatoes to kids.... can you imagine their reaction when they found a potato on the bottom of their pillow case??? OK...back to the subject of cleaning...see, I'll do ANYTHING to avoid even talking about it!!!
Every Saturday morning I get a "twinge" of those Saturday Morning chores... My Mom loved to clean the house with Frank Sinatra records playing.... it did make it a little more tolerable. Why can't I have that same routine anymore? (Unfortunately, a clean house is important to me...I envy those that can live in a mess and it just does NOT bother them)!!! I get some cleaning squeezed in every now and then... sometimes I get a "stretch" of time and I'm more thorough..but as I'm sitting on my computer now (and maybe years back and NOT having a computer that just "gobbles" up time was part of it).... I'm realizing it's late Saturday afternoon and I'm deciding if I should "quickly vacuum", or "try and clean out the refrigerator"... I actually find myself taking off a vacation day from work to often clean all day... I guess I miss the luxury of cleaning ladies...but in today's economy, I could not justify it anymore.
So.... I'm leaving soon, errands to run... and coming back to my house that on the "surface" looks OK...but I could really use some "Sinatra" in the background and my Mom and sisters to get me motivated....


Patty said...

When I lived in NY I loved Saturday afternoons with Frank Sinatra. There is no chance getting to hear him on a radio station out here in the Midwest. Let's see if I can get this posted. I tried the other day, but had a bit of a problem. I love reading your blog, Susan.

Susan said...

I remember "Saturdays with Sinatra" on the radio too... I LOVED it... I actully forgot about that station - it would be great for it to return!