Friday, January 9, 2009


Friday's are just great..... not only for the working M-F folks ... but for those that like to consider it the "end of the week"... think of all the great Fridays .... Black Friday (for those that Love to shop - no, not me)... Casual Fridays ... Half Day Fridays .... TGIF... even a restaurant is named after a day of the week! ... Friday Night Lights... No Homework Fridays (I think its the ONE day that NO ONE does any homework of any kind).... even my husband who works his hardest on Saturday - he too loves Friday! I can't say I hate any days of the week... but have you ever heard anyone say "Is it Monday yet"????
I never cook dinner on Fridays... and although I love to cook, it's one night I just don't even think about it... whether it's a casual dinner at AB&G, sitting at a pub, or even a quick bite at Panera ... we love to go out this night. I think it's also a sense of party night has become Thursday Nights....I'm always happy Friday Morning comes with no emergency call during the night.
Are Saturday's so great that Friday is considered such a celebration - maybe.
It's just become a tradition to let the week come to an end.... unwind...chill out... I also love Sundays and the feeling when we got somethings accomplished over the weekend... but nothing compares to that feeling of a Friday is winding down...everyone is anxious to "get out" and it's that old feeling of a Friday in school... when that bell rings...

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preppyplayer said...

I would love to adopt the "no cook Friday!"
The only time that happens is when we go to Marc's Mom and Dad's house for dinner. But, the pub thing sound good, especially early-6ish.
let me know when that happens and I'll join you!