Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Praying for a snow day!

Yesterday at school I met 2 students who are from California and just praying for a "snow day".... they don't have "snow days" in Orange County and San Diego. I asked them why such enthusiasm ... they seem to be great students and love their classes etc... they said "because we've NEVER had a snow day from school" they've just heard all about them! I guess earthquakes, mud slides, forest fires just don't have the same clout! Think back to your early school you remember opening the door and waiting to hear the fire department sound the drill at 6:30 AM and it meant "no school" that day... or sitting by the radio and praying John Gambling announced your school! "I think I heard it..." did he say it was the Catholic School in our town or just the public schools? Did he say NO School or a delayed opening??? My best memories are with the neighborhood fleet of kids.... we'd bundle up....get outside - totally OVER DRESSED, make a snow man, massive snow ball fights, snow angels .... then beg that some parent would let us all come inside together .... wet gloves lost, boots full of snow with the lining inside out and totally scattered... and we would impulsively decide "let's make a tent" we'd grab every blanket we could fine...for 20 long minutes, then get restless and back outside - but we were all so happy. Maybe I've grown, but my fond memories are of "cliffs of snow"... cars stuck all over...neighbors pushing their cars out of a ditch. Everyone was outside!!!
Now fast forward... I'm amazed at how many schools close the night before a predicted storm....before the sight of one flake - what's the deal with this??? We never had that luxury...they're missing half the fun of the anticipation of that prayed for "snow day"!
So...with hope and a wish came true...this time with a phone call at 5:30 AM.... only a 10 AM delayed opening - but for me I'm taking off the day...oh and it's Wednesday, my husband's day off and he is out in the river with his fly rod.... some things here will never, how much do you want to bet - like most college students, the two California students did not have any scheduled class before 10 AM!

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