Monday, January 12, 2009

Married to a fly fisherman...

Fly fishermen...They're in a League of their own!
Ask anyone married to a "true" fly fisherman and we'll all agree - they're eccentric. Don't ever compare them to a spinning rod fisherman... you'll stand to be corrected before their next cast! It's an inclement weather, no matter what the conditions can convince them that it's not worth getting their rod wet ... my husband is in a stream in the dead of winter, frequently all alone and as happy as the trout in the river. Maybe I'm jealous of not having such a passion, or understanding the deep commitment to a sport - it compares to NOTHING. Phil's dream vacation to Montana and Wyoming when he was 40 was just wonderful for the family...I got to see first hand just what made his juices flow - but a Wednesday afternoon in The Little Lehigh River seems to rejuvenate him every week.... even tomorrow, when the weather is in the teens.... he'll be out there. No, I don't fish....but love the environment and make it a yearly adventure to join him, I enjoy the beauty and serenity of the river; we love to vacation in the mountains with fishing - great hikes and it attracts interesting characters! I cherish the weekly call on his way home hearing what fly worked, what was hatching, what dry fly or nymph caught the rainbow's eye... and when it's a fly that he tied - well, that just intensifies the thrill.
Phil will occasionally play golf, but really just to spend time with Gene, who has not caught the fishing frenzy like his father...but his famous line is "...if it's a day you can's a day you can also fish"... Gene has been out there too, Phil's bought him all the gear...I'm sure some day it will be as exciting for him, just not enough action to hold his current attention! Even when it's not a great day on the river...he loves to tell me "Babe...that's why they call it fishing and not catching".... I admire his drive and ambition and share in his glory when I hear about his day... of course, no fish ever make it into our kitchen....a true fly fisherman is in a stream that's "catch and release".... they respect the environment and leave the river just how they found it...peaceful and crystal clear.

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