Sunday, January 25, 2009

Planning a Eulogy...possibly even your own?

Pictured is my Aunt Ruth on the left with my Mom Joan next to happier times!

eu·lo·gy (yl-j) eu·lo·gies1. A laudatory speech or written tribute, especially one praising someone who has died2. High praise or commendation.

It's been a very sad few days for our family...just home from NH spending time with cherished cousins and family, my Aunt Ruth died and, as our Catholic Religion calls it a Mass to "Celebrate" her just does not feel that way. My husband and I often have an "inner laugh" that everyone who dies is always the MOST wonderful person... there is something about those that have died that suddenly puts them on a "higher" pedestal. Have you ever heard anyone give a eulogy quoting "Thank God this SOB is finally gone"? I know I'm sounding very cynical, but give it some thought - everyone who dies is the "greatest". Well, in this case I'll admit to fall in that trap - that my Aunt Ruth is among the elite group of "the greatest" - there will definitely be a huge void in our lives, her 5 children and 14 grandchildren loved her unconditionally and today, when my cousin Johnny delivered her eulogy, it was hard to not feel it was a celebration of her life, a true tribute to a "wonderful" genuine kind soul. Aunt Ruth would have LOVED to have been in this beautiful lodge we all gathered in after her Mass, everyone who loved her together in one room, with photos, and sharing memories... she lived 79 wonderful years ...

Now...on a lighter note...when they started to sing "Ave Maria".. I leaned over and whispered to my sister Sheila... "please don't let them sing that song at my funeral" ... I just don't feel the same about that song that most others do... sorry. This past summer while sitting at the lake with a group of women friends...the topic came up - "what songs do we want sung at our own funeral". I have to admit, I was one of the only ones who had not given it any thought. Maybe I'll tuck a list of songs someplace I'd prefer.... am I sounding "morbid"? Just curious... has anyone else pre-planned some of their funeral???

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