Monday, May 3, 2010


I'm trying it AGAIN...for the umpteenth time. Oatmeal. I'm approaching it with an open mind and keep asking Lesli for her tips... I'm forever amazed anyone can eat it EVERY morning for breakfast. I've read various studies that proved eating oatmeal reduces cholesterol (although luckily, my cholesterol is just fine). There is also an indication that people eating oatmeal for breakfast consumed fewer calories which is good for the waist line as well as the cardiovascular system. I've ONLY heard good reasons to eat this "muck"... I tried the little packages of instant, but they are NO healthy bargain. So, this week I made 5 baggies w/ 1/2 serving in each, bought fresh blueberries and made it at school... I actually ate the entire serving, and I was fine and not hungry until lunch at 1:00 PM... I've realized, if I don't like something, I don't buy it, make it or serve it! Not really fair, both Gene and Phil happen to like it, but they never get it from me... Just another "new" thing I'm trying "again"... it's not in the same category as goat cheese and green peppers (that I absolutely loath)... I love oatmeal cookies though, does that count???

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