Sunday, May 16, 2010

Working Relationships...

Working relationships. I've often reflected that I spend more time (40+) hours with people I work closely with, considerably more time than ANY family member in any given week. Through my seasoned years, I've had only a couple of working relationships that were "less than perfect"... I make it a point to work well with co-workers, the thoughts of going into an office and dreading the people I share office space with, lunch tables, traveling, etc. well, it's just horrifying, it would make me look for a new job. After all, isn't what makes going to work bearable the relationships we have with the people you work with... to me it is. Well, this is by far the greatest working relationship I've ever encountered. Di. I've said it to everyone who knows me, there is NOT a mean bone in this woman's small frame... genuine, honest, encouraging and what counts most to me is - a lot of fun... we make sure we do our share of laughing and I'm sure envious to many who work around us. Even though we have different roles with students, we are interchangeable and we'd stand in front of a moving freight train for each other. I'm forever grateful and feel truly blessed to work so closely with someone I have such respect for. Di is one of eight children, born in the Philippines, her family is her life, but so is her commitment to her career and the people she surrounds herself with. The balance factor is when it's a Sunday afternoon and knowing I have "another" full week of work ahead of me... to be something I look forward to! Thanks Di!

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