Saturday, May 22, 2010

When is it too young???

 I'm sure I'm going out on a limb, again.... But there is something about seeing a "little girl" getting a pedicure while I'm waiting (or another adult) because it's her turn... that just bugs me...I know they are paying customers - I know it's really not their fault... someone had to bring them to the salon ...  and I don't have a daughter, so maybe I have no business commenting... BUT - I'm forever amazed to see these squirts whose feet can't even reach the water being pampered.  My first pedicure was the day before I was married... by a professional that is, every time before that was a grandmother or my mother "painting our nails"... And the last time I had a pedicure, the "little girl" next to me, maybe all of 8 years young, was on her cell phone!!!!! 

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Frau said...

I agree! My first was for my wedding and even now it's before a vacation. I think it's a generation of not waiting or doing what their elders did. My younger sister is that way her 7/11 year old save money for mani/pedi and they go together. I always thought of it has a nice treat away from the little ones. Wonder what this generation will have to look forward to?