Friday, April 30, 2010

Teresa Teegan...Memories to Warm the Heart!

I LOVE this picture...proud veteran!
Read the eulogy? Me? Seriously?... Sure, I loved your Mom, I've known her for over 30 years... and I'll be facing her 6 kids, sons and daughter-in-laws, and grown grandchildren? 
Well, I was honored - the sweet words exemplified Mrs. Teegan as I remembered, with some other very special antidotes that were fun to hear. How proud to remind everyone she was an Army Nurse during WW II, a school nurse for 20 years and the values she instilled in her family and friends. You know, growing up your friends parents have a bigger impact on you then you realize at the time... they are a second voice of reason, you know if they "like you" and there are just times sitting around the table with "other adults" that are not family is very comforting and familiar, it's how it always was for me at "The Teegans".
As I've recently been to a few (too many) of my friends parents wakes and funerals, I realize it's a part of life we all endure, like it or not, death is part of life - but it just "hurts so bad". I dig deep into my faith to believe eternal peace is something we all strive for, but it's not easy on the family walking behind a casket.
How I remember her most, with a grandchild in her arms!
I remember Mrs. Teegan for her soft hands, they always touched me physically, her big brown eyes, white hair and always talking about her children and grandchildren. She was just as sweet when I visited her a couple times in the lovely, small, caring home she resided in at the end. So now, my dear friend wakes up with a broken heart, an empty feeling and maybe not knowing what to do with herself... but please know that for as long as I can remember, Colleen ALWAYS talked about her Mom with such warmth, sincerity, honesty, and genuine caring AND with that Colleen wit that just always makes me laugh...
I find comfort to think that Teresa is now at peace after living a happy and full life, a little lost at the end when her dear spouse left her first, but fulfilled she made an impact on so many.

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