Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cell Phone Etiquette...

OK... maybe going out on a limb... AGAIN! But does anyone else agree with me on some cell phone etiquette? If you are having a conversation with someone and their phone rings, do you think it's rude for them to "cut you off" and answer? Is it NOT the same as someone just interrupting you in the middle of a conversation? (This includes reading a text) I know there are extenuating circumstances, I'm sure I've been guilty of this too... but I want to make it a point of NOT TO DO IT anymore. Perhaps if you let the person know you are expecting an important call and you "may have to excuse yourself" first? I believe that is why we have the capability for our phones to take a message... so we can call the person back? AND... I don't want to hear your conversation when getting a pedicure or any other place I can't escape your "loud words"... PALEEZE!

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