Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Recent thought...

As I was decorating for Easter (only 2 shopping bags)... and now thinking it's soon time to take them down ... I realized that this religious holiday, being our most sacred, and that the amount of effort that goes into celebrating (preparation/decorating) for Easter vs. Christmas is not comparable! The same with gift giving, a simple basket filled with a little candy, a new shirt and small token was so much appreciated, nothing else expected. A traditional Easter Hyacinth or Easter Lily and coloring eggs... easy, traditional, meaningful, festive... A day with family, no over-the-top fan fare, a small egg hunt that Grandma did... an easy and delicious buffet dinner we all contributed too. Lot's of tradition, favorite foods... everyone is happy!
So, what is my message.... can we ever scale down Christmas (which I love) to remotely compare to other holidays that are equally or more significant, without such commercial consumerism? What would it take?

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