Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Grandma Cravin.

Memories of my Grandma Cravin. Grandma, the youngest of 7 children, came from a wealthy Irish family, but married the man of her dreams and lived very modestly - my Mom learned how to make a dollar stretch...a wonderful foundation for a wonderful life.
She would make the "good kind" of chocolate pudding for us. (Not instant)
She let us play with other kids in the building outside, it's where I learned how to play Chinese jump rope, hop scotch and other city kid street games... Grandma always was watching me though, never left me alone.
Grandma took us on a city bus to Radio City to see a movie
Grandma bought me the big box of candy like "chocolate babies" (she did not call them that)
Grandma called her "lady friends" by their last names... Mrs. so and so (that ALWAYS amazed me)
Grandma shopped every day for fresh vegetables for dinner and the NY Daily News.
Grandma loved her beer - Rhinegold tall cans... (how funny is that)
Grandma thought wearing brown made you look "poor".
Grandma always watched Merv Griffin
Grandma would tell us on a hot August night to "put a sweater on so you don't catch a cold"!
I know later on in life my mom got her to wear pants, but my memories are Grandma ALWAYS wearing "hose" with a dress or skirt.
Grandma was SO IRISH, but most proud to be an American!
Grandma always smelled like Ponds cold cream...
Grandma lived a very simple life... she was a city lady...the "burbs" were a place you went to visit...home was Inwood, NYC.
I would do anything to have a conversation with her now.


Pam said...

I remember both your grandmothers so well. Grandma Cravin was always quieter with me, grandma Downey was much more chatty and she laughed a lot. Your mother's mom was a Lady, her hair was so perfect and she seemed so proper. Both your grandmothers were wonderful ladies. Also, your grandma Downey was sooo tiny but she drove a big car!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Thanks for sharing your Grandma she sounds like such a special lady. She reminds me some of my Irish Grandma....ah the stories! Have a wonderful Sunday!

preppyplayer said...

Love hearing about her! And my sister is right. Our Boston irish Grandma Connors sounds a lot like your Grandma Cravin. Isn't it funny how formal that sounds now? We rarely called our grandparents just grandma and grandpa. We almost always included their last name. Now? my parents are Mum Mum and Pop pop and Marc's folks are Grandma and Grandpa!
Happy Passover my friend!
See you on Thursday?

Susan said...

So sweet to hear your comments... Grandmothers play a special part in our lives! Pam, Grandma Downey was the life of the party, and tiny and YES those big Caddies! Grandma Cravin was a refined lady, did not drive - both so loving!

OHN said...

Gotta love our little Irish grandma's. Mine was barely 5 feet tall, and until my mom finally hid the keys, gram would drive to mass at 5 am every day. She was only tall enough to see THROUGH the steering wheel, over the dashboard, of her ginormous car.
She had a heart as big as the world and I still miss her.