Friday, April 1, 2011

Just say NO to Green Peppers!!!

Green Peppers... the ONLY food I'll hunt for and put on the side of the plate... I truly "hate" the word HATE...but I do HATE them... raw, cooked and hidden in any medley of foods.... Just his week I was out to dinner with 2 dear friends and was SO happy to hear Kathy - hates them too! I'd say there are 2 foods I truly will NEVER eat... green peppers and goat cheese... I'm forever amazed at people who "love" goat cheese...the smell of it nauseates me... I don't want it on my plate - it's truly a food I can say I "HATE" - ok, I feel better now, I got it off my chest, and hopefully NEVER on my plate!

For what it's worth... my repertoire is if there are ONLY a few items you really do not like, it's OK... our son HATES meatloaf, corned beef and cabbage, and nuts in food - I can handle that. We all have our true "strong dislikes"... just keep it to a few, or keep it to yourself! 
OK...tell us - what foods do you REALLY HATE??? 

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