Saturday, April 2, 2011

Proud Godmother!

My Godchild and cousin Caroline at my wedding

My godchild and nephew John at his Eagle Scout Ceremony with my son, Gene.
A friend posted on facebook that it was "Godchild" day... she named her godchildren - I have 3 Godchildren... Caroline, my cousin who was my flower girl when she was 5.  John, my nephew who is now 20 and 1 other girl who I have NO remembrance what her name is... And, I am her recorded godmother!  Cute and true story:  I'm on the baptismal ministry at our church, I was hosting this little girls Christening - Father asked who the God Parents were and they did not have a selected God Mother... I sense they were encouraged to baptize their daughter because of her very lovely grandfather - her father is a pilot and flies regularly, her mother, not from our country was terrific, but perhaps not familiar with the protocol.  Father Charlie asked if I would be her Godmother... I was honored to step in...BUT I do feel a sense of duty and need to follow up on whom she is so I can keep in touch with her.... as when people ask her who are your God Parents, she can at lease know my name!!!  This is my newest mission, to locate her and keep in touch!  ... to be continued!

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