Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Out of "The Rugby House"

Rugby House - 2011
 Winding down, studying for finals... after his graduation in 2 weeks, this guy is moving back home... this time - NOT leaving in September... that means he's leaving his official undergraduate life...living in "the rugby house" with these 5 great guys... and back to civility with his parents!!! I think we'll need to make some serious roommate rules...  I decided it was time to paint his room - since he's moving back... time to take down the juvenile (all sports) boarder that has been in his room since he's 7 years old! (It never bothered my son... I wonder if he'll notice his room has been painted)
Movin' back home...
In all honesty, he's great company, fun loving, and very genuine, he's just the worlds biggest SLOB!

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