Monday, March 21, 2011

When you "live" with a smoker...

The exuberant cost is just "part" of it!!!
It's such a SORE and exhausted subject, you just can't imagine the conversations, arguments, etc. I love him, and he's quit at least 20 times in 25 years... I'm not convinced any time is "for good"... but I'll always give him the benefit of the doubt. Yes, we've done the patch, fake cigs, cold turkey... every method!!  Thankfully, he's agreed to NOT smoke in the house, but this past frigid winter he decided he "had" to smoke in the basement, his "man cave" - he's recently bought some "state-of-the-art" expensive filter... works "just ok"... I burn candles in the house, living with a smoker or not, something I love to do (burn candles) Oh, it's just so complicated... addiction is something you can't compare to anything... Honestly, our house does NOT smell like a smoker lives here... but it's far beyond that! 
Anyway... there is no winner in this the contact "nudge"... he...figuring out a way to "smoke" and not tick me off... And our son... ZERO tolerance for smoking... Get the picture???

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OHN said...

My mom smoked my whole life ( I even did for seven years through high school and college...cuz, I was cool;).
I never really noticed the smell until I moved a state away and only came home for visits. Then was awful. I had to only bring clothes with me that I had time to wash as soon as I got back to my house. Even if they stayed in the suitcase they absorbed the smoke smell.
Can you plead with him from a health angle? Bet you have done that though. Good luck. Any addiction is hard, though sadly, it usually takes a frightening hospital visit before quitting truly seems like a good idea to most smokers.