Tuesday, January 4, 2011


You either love it or not... let's face it, it does not look all that appetizing, army green colored food is usually not so pretty.
I think it's the reason I cook a ham, so the bone can be made into soup... ham, a popular food around Christmas and New Years always lends itself to a delicious pea soup - and a shortage of finding dry peas in the store! I'm cooking a pot right now, first of the season, house smells delicious and with some crusty bread ~  OH. SO. GOOD.

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wildmary said...

I was searching for a photo of pea soup to use on one of my blogs and found yours. I wonder if you took it yourself. Anyway, I've been to Ireland and have Irish heritage so perused your blog a little. Keep on writing...isn't it fun? I have a blog for my family, one for my photos, and one for my frustration of trying to live with new eating habits. I just made pea soup without the ham...not as bad as I expected but yours looks awesome!