Saturday, January 29, 2011

Celebrating first family engagement!

Katie and Rich ~ Katie's graduation at Middlebury, '09
 My niece is engaged!  I'm eating it all up like it's my own engagement again...and spending a lot of time with my sister Ellen, (Katie's Mom)... makes it even "more real"!  I remember when she first met her now fiance, Rich... (Katie was all of 16, I think) ~ she told me he was a male version of herself???  Seeing them date since Sophomore year in high school, through college, backpacking in Europe, and now both in DC planning the next stage of their life (career, school, etc.) - they took their budding romance to the next level, and so happy that's where it is for now, not planning a wedding - just happy to be engaged and enjoying the thrill of their commitment and current (pick list) status!!! 
Welcome to the family Rich,  we truly are enjoying your engagement, too!
I LOVE this fun picture of Katie and Rich!!!

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