Saturday, September 3, 2011

One More Try... but NO wet pillow!!!

Ten + years ago I convinced myself I "retired" from camping. We camped as a family every year, frequently more than once a year - in a tent, sleeping bags, etc. It always started with such enthusiasm, especially when Gene was young, he LOVED sleeping in-between us... finding kindling wood, the perfect stick to toast marshmallows, helped Phil put up the tent... We camped with friends and nothing beats sitting around an open pit fireplace at night... and having coffee in the morning by the water... and delicious blueberry pancakes... actually, cooking when camping is an adventure and I always loved it, from lobsters in Maine to pancakes in the morning - food tastes amazingly better at a campsite!

I accepted that it took 1 day extra to clean everything for set up, and 1 day extra when home to put it all away... Walking to take a shower never phased me, bug bites, I dealt with them... BUT continuous rain... did me in... we always tried to stick it out, hearing the rain on the tent is somewhat soothing and it helped block out some of Phil's snoring! My last trip was trying to deal with 5 days of continous rain ... when I laid down on a wet pillow - that was it. It was the final straw - Phil did not believe me, thought he'd get me back, NOPE - we could have given every piece of camping gear we owned away and I was fine with it. I don't need a luxury vacation, but a wet pillow was the ice breaker.
Fast forward ten years or more later, I'm considering it - for 1 night. Phil goes almost weekly, wakes up near a river to fly fish and he's as happy as can be - loves to come home and tell me just how GREAT it was... Not sure if I'm crazy - but I may give it another try - just ONE night...

(unfortunately, I have no pictures on line, but plenty in albums... will scan at a later date)...

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Formerly known as Frau said...

Good for you, you can do anything for one night. I'm not a camper never have been, last time was in college.
Camping for me is staying in a hotel without wifi! Have a great long weekend!