Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I'm finding myself resenting "expected" gift giving holidays... I'm also getting uncomfortable receiving an "expected" gift.  Does anyone else think it's just escalated to being "out of control"... I'm NOT even emphasizing Christmas... It's all the "other" ones... one after the next after the next... it leaves me to purchase impulsively, spend too much because I think I'll look cheap or know it will be returned...and being a "mall avoider" that feeling of HAVING to purchase something leaves me overwhelmed... especially when it's forced... I do find total pleasure in giving a special gift - that's not what I'm focusing on though.  What happened to a "small token"... or just a card (which I'm resenting buying since they are so boring and way too expensive)... Giving gifts has NOTHING to do with being thoughtful... and giving an expensive gift has no baring on how you should feel about someone... the worst is the "passive aggressive" gift receiver ... they set themselves up for disappointment and constantly tell you how others disappointed them on the gift they received - How can you react to that statement?  One becomes disappointed because they have unrealistic expectations.  I LOVE to surprise someone with something I know they will like... but I hate to HAVE to buy someone a gift... a genuine act of kindness goes so much further to me!

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