Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tulips for Me!

Valentine's Day. Not considered a favorite holiday... a quiet dinner, good bottle of wine, I'd love a snow storm... is perfect for me... I've told Phil for years - DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON ROSES... a small bouquet of tulips is perfect!

But, honestly...there is something really fun  about getting chocolate's too... I'm a "sucker" for those red heart boxes, (yes, Russell Stover) they remind me of being a kid and our Dad giving us all a little red box of candy...Mom got a big one! Russell Stover was never sold in the grocery store, you had to go to the small town pharmacy to purchase! Memories of holidays are as important to me as the day itself... and yes, I'll wear red (I own more red than anything)!
PS - A sign of getting old and practical, while in The Dollar Tree together (a first and last time)... I said to Phil, "so you don't waste $6.00 on a plushy card, let's pick one out here, they are 2 for $ 1.00"
We both did, and now can't find them!

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Rhonda Lindsey said...

This post is so funny. Chocolate gives me migraines so for me that is out. I told DH just forget spending $$ on a mushy card. I'd much rather he sit down and write me a personal note. It would mean so much more. I agree with you about the memories, I love 'em. And I too will wear red Monday.